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Vacuum Manifold for Filter Microplates and Ultrafiltration Microplates

Manifold-Set Vacuum Chamber for Filter  Plates

The individual parts of the Manifolds are made of tempered transparent acrylic material. The connecting sleeve is made of PTFE and the washer is made of synthetic rubber. The Manifold can be cleaned with normal laboratory cleaners, mild detergents, without problems. Attention: Also in case of tempered acrylic material alcohol can also lead to material opacifying and damaging. After cleaning or disinfecting with alcohol wash the Manifold immediately with distilled water and finally dry it.


 The Manifold contents from following parts:

1 piece of vacuum chamber- bottom part for inserting the receiver plates (height = 50 mm)
1 piece of vacuum-connecting sleeve for screwing into the bottom part of the chamber
1 piece of vacuum chamber- upper part for inserting the filter plate (height = 20 mm)
1 piece of spacer for inserting into the bottom part of the chamber (height 22 mm)
 Setting up the Vacuum Chamber:

1. The Manifold (vacuum chamber ) is generally suitable and designed for all usual filter plates in the format of micro filtration plates according to the SBS standard (Society for Biomolecular Screening).
2. Screw the connecting sleeve for the vacuum hose into the appropriate threaded hole (right-handed thread) of the bottom part of the vacuum chamber. Connect the sleeve and the vacuum pump by a normal laboratory vacuum hose.
3. Put a receiver or Deepwell plate (SBS standard dimensions) into the bottom part of the vacuum chamber for receiving the filtrate. If the filtrate shall be collected in a microtitration plate, put the spacer plate into the bottom part of the vacuum chamber for reducing the distance and then place the microtitration plate on it.
4. Place the upper part of the vacuum chamber on the bottom part in that way that the guide nipples of the bottom part fit in the alignment holes of the upper part. Bottom part and upper part of the vacuum chamber are reliable and safely sealed by the sealing washer integrated in the bottom part as soon as a specified vacuum is applied.
5. Now fit the appropriate filter plate (SBS standard dimensions) into the upper part of the vacuum chamber and apply the required vacuum. For plates which do not meet the SBS standard, at first, it can be necessary slightly to press the plates manually on the washer (slight pressure on the plate). The value of the applied vacuum does not depend on the Manifold but on the characteristics of the filter and the filtration fluid and therefor it can only be specified individually.


Declaration of Conformity:
As in vitro diagnostic medical device classified as follows according to the directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices 98/79 EC and marked with the CE-IVD sign.


Codice Prodotto Nome Prodotto Size Prezzo Scheda
LST-3-401-01-0 Vaccuum Manifold, manual clear CE/IVD Carton Carton Richiedi Offerta
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