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Prodotti Bio Molecolare da iNtRON
Da iNtRON Biotecnology alta qualità a prezzi competitivi: PCR, Estrazione Acidi Nucleici e Analisi Proteine.

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Di seguito i 20 prodotti TOPSELLING suddivisi per applicazione con l'indicazione dei vantaggi:

Denominazione prodotto 

 Applicazione Nome commerciale
 RedSafe Nucleic Acid Staining Solution INT-21141 EtBr Alternative
GelStar, Safe-Red
20,000X Stock, Ames Tested with Nelson Lab(Non-toxic), Super data result.
 i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase (500U) with dNTPs and buffer INT-25162 General PCR, Hot-Start
Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase Hot-start enzyme, High Fidelity, Low price.
 i-Taq DNA Polymerase (500U) with dNTPs and buffer INT-25022 General PCR
Taq DNA Polymerase (500U)   
General PCR, High quality , Identical performance but lower price.
 FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-Taq),(i-StarTaq) INT-25401, INT-25411 General PCR, Lyphilized
  Stability in RT, Ready-to-use, All-in-one, Very Convenient, Only iNtRON product.
 Maxime PCR PreMix(i-Taq) 480 test INT-25026 General PCR, Lyphilized AccuPower® PCR PreMix from Bioneer
Ready-to-use, All-in-one, much more convenient than 2x mastermix.
 2x PCR Master Mix Sol(i-Max ll) INT-25266 General PCR, Long, High Fidelity
GoTaq PCR Master Mix
CE Marked, Long size DNA amplification with proofreading, High yield.
 Maxime™ RT-PCR PreMix INT-25131 General RT-PCR, Lyphilized QIAGEN® OneStep RT-PCR Kit 
All-in-one type, Convenient, Ready-to-use, Cost-effective.
 GangNam Stain™ Prestained Protein Ladder (3 Colors) INT-24052 Protein Marker PageRuler™ Plus Prestained Protein Ladder
Three color protein stardard with 12 pre-stained proteins.
 Pro-Prep Protein Extraction Solution kit INT-17081 Protein prep
ReadyPrep™ Protein Extraction Kit 
Extract protein from all kinds of cells and tissues , Added Protease Inhibitors.
 e-Myco Plus Mycoplasma PCR Kit INT-25237 Mycoplasma detection
LookOut® Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit
209 Species Detection, Triple check, Supplying to LabCorp(USA No.1 company). 
 e-Myco Valid Mycoplasma PCR Kit INT-25239 Mycoplasma detection Venor™ GeM Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Validation Report, Highly sensitive, least 10 CFU/ml.
 G-spin Total Kit INT-17045 Genomic DNA prep
QIAamp® genomic DNA kits 
20-30min Extract time, No need various DNA kit (Total gDNA sample).
 Patho Gene-Spin Viral DNA/RNA Kit INT-17154 Viral DNA/RNA prep GeneJET Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit
DNA & RNA extraction at once, Use of Non-phenol,samples within 20 minutes.
 easy-BLUE Total RNA Extraction kit INT-17061 Total RNA prep TRIzol Reagent
High yield and purity of total RNA extracted. Identical perf. but lower Price.
 Fast DNA-spin™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit INT-17095 Plasmid DNA prep 5 Prime FastPlasmid Mini Kit 
High Quality plasmid DNA could be purified within 10 minutes.
 MEGAquick-Spin plus Total Fragment Kit INT-17098 DNA Fragment prep QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit DNA clean-up own functional spin type product (Agarose Gel & PCR product).
 easy-spin™ Total RNA Extraction Kit INT-17221 Total RNA prep RNeasy Mini Kit The combination solution type and spin type, high purity and yield total RNA.
 DNA-Spin Plasmid DNA Purification Kit INT-17098 Plasmid DNA prep Plasmid DNA purification (Mini prep)
Design for isolate or purify, over 20ug high purity Plasmid DNA.
 WEST-Zol plus Western Blot Detection System INT-16024 Western Blot Sol. Pierce™ ECL Western Blotting Substrate Simple Step, Fast Reaction, High Sensitivity, Chemiluminescence.
 LPS Extraction Kit INT-17141 Lipoplysaccharide prep   Only iNtRON's product in the world.
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 DNA Prep   Plasmid DNA Purification Kit - NEW!
 RNA Prep
  Western Blot Detection System - NEW!
 Protein   Altre novità
 Real-Time PCR - qPCR 
 Cell Culture
 Pre-made Buffer
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